Dr Anthony Bloch Chair 
Anthony works as a Rural Generalist Senior Medical Officer and lives with his wife and 2 daughters on 30 acres of unceded land of the Djirbalngan and Yidinjdji people on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in the hinterland high above Cairns.  While based here, work takes him all over the country and to date he has worked in over 50 communities in Australia from the Torres Straits to South Australia and Sydney to Kalgoorlie. The work covers the full spectrum of rural hospital-based medicine including Anaesthetics and Emergency Medicine as well as flying doctor work with the RFDS and others. As much of this work is Emergency and Critical Care, he is confronted every working day with the limitations of our mental health treatments to reduce the suffering of Australians from the cities to the remotest of Indigenous communities. The promise of Psychedelic Assisted therapy to address some of this suffering led him on a journey of learning. He completed a Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in Australia in 2021 and then the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research with the California Institute of Integrated Studies in 2022. With the welcomed changes in scheduling by the TGA, Australia was placed in a world-first situation. Anthony is honoured to be able to facilitate the work of some of the most talented and expert professionals in the field of PAT in Australia to bring world-leading accountability, safety and efficacy to this exciting new model of care. 
Dr Lani Roy-Psychologist, Social Worker, Advocate.

Community Outreach & Stakeholder Liaison Officer. Dr Alana (Lani) Roy is a Melbourne-based psychologist, social worker, and therapist with extensive experience in mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, and the disability sector. Lani provides Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) for clients accessing ketamine treatment in Australia and is actively engaged in research trials focusing on novel molecules. She is currently researching Australian community Ayahuasca and has a passion for co-production, co-design and harm reduction with people who have lived experience. Lani specialises in complex trauma, disabilities, and dual diagnosis, providing therapy in Auslan sign language for the Deaf community. She provides a range of psychedelic education programs in the community and with The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation; she is passionate about integrating science and the sacred.  She is a board-approved psychology supervisor. Lani coordinates the psychedelic and plant medicine Mental Health Professional Network (MHPN), is an advisor for Cyberdelics Virtual Reality technologies, and Chapter Lead for Psychedelic Medicine America. Furthermore, she has completed an Advanced Diploma in Nature Based Therapies and is committed to expanding PAT outside clinical rooms into more nature-based settings. Lani has  cultivated an approach named Integrative Psychedelic Integrative Somatic (IPSP) approach focusing on the somatic, relational, transpersonal, and metacognitive domains.

Dr Bianca Sebben. Membership and credentialing.
Bianca is a Clinical Psychologist based in Brisbane with a special interest in complex trauma, and dissociative disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder, and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Bianca completed her PhD in Indigenous Psychology in Mexico, looking at traditional methods of healing and increasing cultural safety and accessibility in Western medical systems. Bianca works from a trauma-informed perspective with evidence-based therapies such as EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and therapies for Structural Dissociation.  Bianca is part of a working group developing a culturally safe model of PAT informed by Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing. Bianca has a special interest in 5 MeO DMT harm reduction and is a contributor for the FIVE- 5 MeO Information and Vital Education platform. Qualifications:  Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)  PhD- Indigenous Psychology  Masters of Clinical Psychology  EMDR Accredited Practitioner  Co-chair- AAPi Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy interest group 

Dr Llewellyn Lewis. Education 

Dr Llewellyn Lewis is a psychiatrist with over 22 years of experience in clinical practice and medical administration locally and internationally. He has worked as the Director of Clinical Services for the mental health division at The Canberra Hospital and is currently the Senior Specialist on the HAART team (Home Assessment and Acute Response Team). He has a passion for governance, quality assurance and education.   Dr Lewis currently provides CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) supervision to the senior trainees in psychiatry at the Canberra Hospital. He has completed the Mind Medicine Institute Certificate of Psychedelic Therapy CPAT.  Dr Lewis enjoys lifting weights, travelling and meditation in his spare time.

Teena Ingram. Treasurer

Teena is a Finance, Governance and Compliance specialist who has spent 25 years working in more than 50 countries for businesses big and small across the globe. Teena brings to our Board a deep understanding of sustainable and transparent structures, accounting, governance and compliance best practices, financing strategies and government partnering. Her extensive career in the multinational and Not for Profit environments at senior levels saw her managing large and complex negotiations and developing growth opportunities against all odds. Teena’s true passion is supporting the community through connecting people and purpose - whether that be the neighborhoods in which she’s lived, her local town or her passion projects. She thrives on problem solving, enabling people to learn and to appreciate their potential.  Teena and her family are now based on the Sunshine Coast and Teena is active in the Community, volunteering her experience to a number of local and international groups including sitting on a number of Not For Profit Boards. She is delighted with the opportunity to support the work of AMAPP, to learn from and with the Board, the Advisors and Members. 

Thomas Curtain. Board Secretary

Originally from Alaska and now based in Melbourne, Thomas recently joined the board of directors as the AMAPP board secretary. Before transitioning into mental health, Thomas worked in software development, event management, and community development. Thomas graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in History. He is currently working within the disability support space. Thomas's interest in psychology was born out of his lived experience with mental health, resulting in a desire to help others as he was helped through young adulthood. This interest led him to complete his Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from the University of Melbourne and Honours in Psychology from Monash University. He is currently attending Swinburne University studying his Master’s of Clinical Psychology. Thomas has a particular interest in neurodivergence, psychedelics, and trauma. He envisions a future where alternative therapeutic methods are accepted and integrated into mainstream treatment, potentially revolutionising how we approach mental health and well-being. Thomas's background in software development has instilled in him a methodical approach to problem-solving, while his experience in event management and community development has allowed him to foster a deeper understanding of community needs. He values critical analysis, systems thinking, and an integrative holistic approach to psychology. Currently, his focus lies in disability support, aiming to improve the lives of individuals within this sphere. Thomas aims to leverage his expanding knowledge in psychology and broad practical experience to make a tangible difference.

Dr Chaitanya Kotapati. Policy
Dedicated and accomplished medical professional, Dr. Chaitanya Kotapati, is a registered medical practitioner based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Currently advancing through the RACMA Fellowship Program, he brings a wealth of experience from both clinical and medical administration roles in various teaching hospitals. Residing in Brisbane with his wife, also a professional colleague, and their two school-going children, Dr. Kotapati has established a strong connection within the local community. As a Policy Board Member at AMAPP (Australian Medical Association of Psychedelic Practitioners), Dr. Kotapati leverages his skills as a medical administrator. His focus is on actively contributing to policy development and enhancing healthcare delivery, particularly for patients benefiting from innovative and evidence-based treatments by psychedelic practitioners. Dr. Kotapati has a rich background in medical administration, complemented by years of clinical experience in ICU settings. His multidisciplinary approach and leadership skills have been honed through diverse roles, fostering effective teamwork and optimal patient care. Drawing from personal experience in dealing with mental health challenges, Dr. Kotapati has emerged as an empathetic healthcare leader. His commitment extends beyond hospital settings, actively participating in the broader community of caregivers involved in multidisciplinary healthcare in both hospital and community care settings. Dr. Kotapati has made significant contributions to the field through research in pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients and exploring the impact of simulation training on teamwork in complex healthcare settings. These endeavors reflect his commitment to ensuring a safe model of care delivery for patients with complex illnesses. Passionate about creating psychologically safe spaces in healthcare delivery, Dr. Kotapati envisions an environment where fully qualified clinicians can operate at their best scope, ultimately leading to best health outcomes for all patients. His dedication to improving the trust and overall experience of healthcare stakeholders underscores his commitment to holistic and patient-centered care. This biodata encapsulates Dr. Chaitanya Kotapati's professional journey, skills, and overarching vision, emphasizing his commitment to advancing healthcare practices and fostering positive outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals.
Josh Crawford. CEO
Josh is an experienced operations and project manager, working across public and private sectors. Josh has worked closely with corporate and advisory boards in Australia, Europe and the USA with The RAND Corporation, to identify and develop strategic partnerships, complete executive planning and administration, and operationalise outcomes. With the Australian Research Council, Josh worked with advisory boards and selection committees to award government grants.

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