Student Placements

AMAPP integrates healthcare professionals into the psychedelic therapies landscape as we recognise the skills, contributions, and necessity of a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. As a part of this approach, we offer student placements to psychology, social work, biomedical, medical, or marketing students with an interest in mental health and psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy. Placement students will engage in areas ranging from research, policy, advocacy, and community outreach. Allocation to an area is based on student preferences and strengths.

Research: Empirical evidence and protocols for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy are promising but still nascent. AMAPP brings together researchers from across the country to collaborate in multidisciplinary research spanning pharmacology, therapeutic outcomes, best practice, and training.

Policy: AMAPP is a peak body at the forefront of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies in Australia. As such, leaders in the field will define policies for professionals in the psychedelic landscape which aim to create systems and protocols for best practice and harm reduction.

Advocacy: Although psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies are gaining more attention and acceptance, the majority of Australia is still unaware and uneducated about the potential benefits these therapies can offer. AMAPP aims to provide empirical evidence and research to the public to increase accessibility, public knowledge and attitudes,  and funding to this area.

Community Outreach: Many Australians may feel intimidated or untrusting of institutional health services and are hesitant to seek out services. AMAPP bridges this gap by engaging with the community via outreach programs to identify at-risk individuals in the public who may benefit from these therapies but have not been able to access them.

As part of your student placements, you will be collaborating with individuals from different professions, skill sets, personalities, and cultural and demographic backgrounds. You will be expected to actively participate and engage with your peers as well as cultivate your own attitudes, knowledge and skillsets.

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